Mark kahrl

Software Engineer





skills summary



·         Expert knowledge of Android platform since SDK 0.9 Beta Nov 2007

·         Experience with all types of Android app. development as well as all SDK's through 4.0 .

·         Have published numerous apps on Android Market, as well as developed in house Android applications and frameworks for major vendors including Qualcomm and Motorola.


·         Sun Certified Java Programmer. Twelve years Java experience Nine years wireless/pda development. Five years Android experience.

·         Extensive experience in Java on everything from PDA’s to large web applications. Experience in delivering complex projects from inception through post production.

·         Phone, smart phone, wireless applications for platforms including: Android, Blackberry, MIDP/J2ME, Palm, Windows Mobile and other portable Java Phone/PDA platforms.

·         Java desktop applications. Custom 2D and 3D graphics programming.

·         Server side programming on J2EE platforms with Servlets, EJB, JSP, JDBC, RMI, JMS, JSON, XML Struts etc. Server side integrations of phone, wireless and client applications.


Other Skills

·         C/C++ programming.

·         Software design and architecture. OO software design and implementation.

·         Project management.

·         Extensive knowledge of mobile device landscape and ecosystems

·         System, server and database administration for Unix and Linux platforms.

RECENT major projects


Snow Pilot version 9. Released June 2012. New major version of Snow Pilot client for Windows, Mac and Linux. Supports data import from ‘PitPodiPhone app. Added full support for the new IACS defined crystal types. Supports all SWAG defined stability tests. Improved UI. New advanced DB search engine. See:



Barometric Altimeter . Published March 2012. A useful barometric altimeter for Android ICS devices with a barometer sensor such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Free on Android Market:



iPass Open Mobile .  iPass Inc. Redwood Shores, CA. June 2011 – Feb 2012. Developed UI layer for the iPass Open Mobile Android Application, client application for iPass Open Mobile Network. Provides access to iPass network nodes, as well as many useful features such as data tracking and alerts. Available on Android Market:



Wifi Mobilize .  iPass Inc. Redwood Shores, CA. June 2011 – Feb 2012. Developed ‘Wifi Mobilize’ OM Android client for Deutsche Telekom (DT). Worked closely with product and sales teams to provide DT with their own customized version of the OM client app to meet their specific needs. Available on Android Market:



Range Card for Android Available on Android Market. Published March 2011. Google Map based geo point management application. Allows users to add, manage, save and share geo point and location data with other application users via SMS. Replaces ‘Range Finder Pro’.  Available on Android Market:



Motoblur Connected Gallery Application,  Android  Motorola Inc, Sunnyvale, CA. July 2010 –  Jan 2011

Developed User Interface (UI) layer for the Motoblur Connected Gallery Application for the Motorola Android platform. Implemented Motorola Look 10+ for the Connected Gallery application on Android. Worked closely with UX and CXD teams to implement new designs and features. Coordinated closely with Motoblur data web services team to integrate social media and data. Worked closely with testing and QA teams to resolve bugs and issues. Provided consultation on application design and architecture.  Provided code reviews and consultation on Android technical and code issues.



Range Finder Pro for Android. June 2010. Available on request.  A digital Google map based range finder and range card for Android with ‘Augmented Reality’ feature. Provides for the entry and management of geo-points. Continuously tracks and updates the relative range and bearing to user from each geo-point. Shows geo points and sighting compass in ‘Augmented Reality’ mode through in camera view finder.



Blackberry RadioTime Player. Developed 'RadioTime' player for Blackberry Curve and 8000 series devices. Browse, play and save radio stations from 'RadioTime' . Download onto device from: Published May 2010



Android Platform Applications for functional testing. Qualcomm Inc. 2008 – 2009

Developed various applications for prototype Android devices to be used as functional testing applications (FTA’s) on pre-production hardware.  Developed FTA’s for the Android platforms in areas including camera, multi-media, messaging, telephony, 3D graphics and GPS. Interfaced testing applications with automated testing framework. Debugged application level issues. Developed requirements and documentation.



KO Blackjack for Android. Released May 2009. Simulates casino Blackjack play. Free on Android Market.



Wireless Occurrence Tracking System, Orange County Transportation Authority. 2008

This project developed a field data collection system used by OCTA personnel to upload and edit accident data and photos from the field. The client software was deployed on laptops using wireless ‘air cards’. The system was designed to emulate the current system available only in the office, and to integrate with the current occurrence database system. The client application is designed or field use and is tolerant of intermittent and limited connectivity.


Deliverables: Java Applets for field data and image collection, J2EE data services layer, integration with client databases.

Technologies: Java: Swing, JAI, JDBC, J2EE, SSL, Tomcat, Oracle



Project Snow Pilot , Gallatin Avalanche Center 2002 and on going. Version 8 released Dec  2010


Snow Pilot is a software system for collection, analysis and archiving data related to snow science and avalanche mitigation.  Snow Pilot is currently the most widely used snow science software system and is used world wide by avalanche forecaster, snow scientists, ski patrols and others who collect snow and avalanche data. I have been involved with this project since its inception, and I am the technical team for this project. I write all the code for the various platforms, host the application server, database and website for the project. I work with the snow scientists at the Gallatin Center to develop requirements for the project on an ongoing basis. Snow Pilot is currently in its ninth major release, and maintains the largest snow science database in the world. Snow Pilot is compliant with the current international SWAG guidelines, and free to use by anyone who collects snow science data.


The Snow Pilot software has three major components, a Palm PDA application for field use, a desktop application for office use, and a database/ data services layer. The Palm application is used to collect data in the field. When a user synchs their PDA to their PC, the data is transferred to the user’s PC. The user may then use the desktop application to further edit or add data. The desktop application also allows the user to graph their data and save or extract their data into different formats. The desktop application also synchs the users data with the central database, and allows user to search and read available data.


Deliverables: Snow Pilot Palm OS Application, PC Pilot desktop application for PC/Mac, Snow Pilot J2EE data services layer, MySQL database, data search engine, Windows Installer.


Technlogies: Java, Swing, Awt, J2ME, Waba, Jump compiler,  J2EE, JDBC, Tomcat, Apache, MySQL.




Wireless Blogging Application, for Blackberry and J2ME phones. Boom Digital 2007

Developed wireless application that allowed user to publish blog entries with attached photos from Blackberry phones and J2ME devices. The wireless client integrates with popular Movable Type blogging application.

Technologies: Java, Blackberry/RIM SDK and API’s, J2ME, MIDP, Palm OS, J2EE, JDBC, MySQL, Tomcat Movable Type.


Online Test Delivery and Grading System. Lidget Green Company 2006 -2007


This application allows for the secure and custom online delivery of study and testing materials. It lets students take language learning related tests with rich audio and visual content. The tests are scored automatically by the system and the results are archived. The system allows easy customization for various test and content types. I worked with the client to design the overall system, and to automate there current testing processes. I worked with and trained the client’s in house developer. Setup and integrated eCommerce and Ad Sense services

Technologies: Java: Swing, Java Media, J2EE, JDBC, SSL, Tomcat, MySQL .




Ecommerce Site for Prolab Nutrition Products Natrol Company 2006


For this project myself and another developer built an ecommerce site for the Prolab company which sells training and nutrition products. We worked with the client to design the site to their preferences. We worked extensively with client product manager to develop their product data base. I was the technical lead on this project from the planning phase through post release. This project was based on the OFBIZ framework and SOA..

Technologies: Java, J2EE, HTML, AJAX, Javascript, XML, SOA, JSP, JDBC, MySQL, Tomcat, OFBIZ, Apache, SSL, MVC.



Palm PDA Application for Classroom Grade and Attendance Management.  Boston Reed Co. 2004

This project developed a Palm PDA application that instructors could take into the classroom and use to manage their grade and attendance information. The data from their PDA would automatically be synched with the main grade and attendance database every time they hot synched their Palm PDA with their PC.



GM BuyPower 5.0 Zentropy Partners 2003

I worked as an integration engineer on this large scale automotive application. I developed messaging and data service components for this application, and integrated components from various vendors.


Technologies: Java, J2EE, JSP, Struts, JMS, EJB, XML, MVC, SOA, Weblogic, Oracle.




2001                                  Sun Microsystems Education Program               Irvine, CA

n     Received certification as Java 1.1 programmer.


1996                 University of Rhode Island                           Kingston, RI

n     Studied computational fluid mechanics.

n     Course projects used finite difference methods to solve generalized transport and Navier Stokes equations for a variety of practical fluid, heat transfer and combustion problems

1992         Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics                    Belgium

n     M.S.  Mechanical Engineering

n     Thesis project developed new technique for real time turbulence measurement in transient compressible non-isothermic flows using high speed digital data acquisition system and innovative numerical methods.

n     Developed full suite of support software for turbulence measurement in C, FORTRAN.

1987-1991         Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute                          Troy, NY

n     B.S.  Mechanical Engineering.